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Default Re: The Obama deception-New world order

Originally Posted by zacatecas View Post
There we go again, Darth - unsubstantiated criticism so as to COVER UP Alex Jones' real flaws and faults (covering up critical aspects of the conspiracy, being a totally commercial entity etc.). That's one way to build up credibility by seeming to do something else.
I cannot for the life of me understand why you, a new member, join the forum and your first posts are comments to Darth.

A person who said he will enjoy breaking me slowly because I was meant to be by his side; serve him or die.

Sounds like a sadistic pig to me.


A person who talks about beating the brains out of a priest.


I suggest next time you join a forum, if you desire any credibility, that your first comment might be to a sane person.

Just a suggestion.
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