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Default Message Addressed To The Weakling Moron Names Hunter1

Dear sir:

After perusing your message, my conclusions are the following:

1) Your an utter moron

2) You're more then likely a religious fanatic

3) Your parents were twice as stupid as yourself

4) You should stick the barrel of a shotgun in your mouth and cleanse the world and the D.N.A pool of the wretched set of subhuman genes that swim in that puss bag you call your scrotum.
Please follow these instructions to properly kill yourself:

1) Get a 12 gauge shotgun
2) Put a shell in the shotgun
3) Rack the shotgun
4) Place the barrel in your mouth (make sure oyu took the safety off!)
5) Make sure your shoe is off
6) Place your big toe on the trigger
7) Pull the trigger

Thank you! Because you have removed yourself from the human race, we the intelligent majority, no longer have to support you or your trailer trash, inbred hillbilly relatives or any misbegotten brats you might possibly have bred with some cheap whore in the back of a one seater outhouse!!

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