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Default Re: Dissociative identity disorder is More "Normal" Then People Think

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
QUOTE so you don't have to strain your eyes!

Nobody messed with my mind and I have "others".

Tell us about the others.

This allows me to work for my Master in a better way. Many of my master's best servants have "others", some being demons and others being just , well, others.
For instance, I have a powerful demon spirit who works with me called Belphegor (see [color=#000000][font='Lucida Grande']

Anyways, Belphegor was given to me by my Master , sort of on loan. My master uses this spirit to
cause people to fall into apathy and for our foes to commit suicide (LOL).
But besides that I have others, and no one messed with my mind. I had a normal upraising
, was never abducted by aliens, the C.I.A, F.B.I, K.G.B or anything like that.

The others sometimes cause problems, but they know I will punish them should they get out of hand
It's just too bad everyone thinks you got to be buried alive or have some pedo monster in your life to get this way.

Mostly, I think you're just cracked. Did you take too much acid and 'shrooms in the 60's or 70's and now you're just on a permanent trip BlueAngel.
You're claim that Springsteen did this is either one of a couple possibilities:

FYI, your opinion doesn't matter and you would be the one who apparently took too many 'shrooms. My claim has only one possibility and none of those that you present would be accurate.

1) You're an agent for my Master here to discredit the loons and the religious fanatics
2) You're a dope fiend who has fried his brain on drugs and booze
3) You were smoking a crack pipe when you wrote that stuff
4) You're a troll
5) You're an attention whore
6) Or Simply put, you sincerely believe Springsteen did this because:
1. You're insane
2. Too much hallucinogens (acid, 'shrooms, mescaline, e.t.c)
3. You're A) brain damaged or B) you had a frontal labotomy

I personally pick option 6, subsection 2 (too much hallucinogenic drugs)

We don't care what your personal picks are, because, as I've stated, your opinon doesn't matter. However, WE choose the second number one for you.

HA HA HA..Is this your best, little man?

Anyways, about the "others"...Like I alluded to before, before you "bashed" me (as if an ant can threaten an elephant!?), I was attempting to get a play date for one of them. But then, you got to be an ass, right?
I just don't play the sobbing sister role off this. Shit happens, you know? In the end, it doesn't matter.
One day soon, I will be a God and you will grovel at my feet. I allready have Belphegor, and with the aid of a powerful Daemon like him, soon man-n-n-n-y people will find out a new definition of pain and suffering.
Yeah, so anyways, I got others. I don't bitch about it and blame Springsteen or the C.I.A because that is just crap. Who knows how they come about? I wish I did. You think it is fun for a 35 year old dude to try to find a playmate for a 2 year old alter? It sucks. I got religious fanatics who condemn me out of hand and the rest of the morons out there accusing me of shit they don't understand.
So shoot me that I am trying to get my needs met. Like I said I don't usually bitch about this shit. I keep it close to my vest, because I don't need anyone's Goddamn sympathy. In the end, as I gain power over the Daemons, I'll have my revenge on all of you bastards. I'll laugh as the daemons rape your souls and leave you quivering lumps of spiritually violated flesh, devoid of intelligence or hope.
Then some of you will remember me, and who I am. But guess what? It'll be too late for you bastards. You tried to kill me and it didn't work. Now is my turn and what I will do to you will make death seem like a mercy. Where you failed, I will succeed. You should have done a better job and made sure I was dead.

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