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Default Re: I've enjoyed not being here for a few weeks...

Originally Posted by Darth Cacodaemon View Post
Oh well...I guess you called term him a Daemon spirit. You see, dear BlueAngle, Belphegor is the chief Daemon in charge oif Sloth. Now, please keep in mind I don't mean just laziness.
Belphegor causes people to become depressed to the point of suicide. So, most people really don't want him around or at least not influencing them. Basically, he causes you to fall in despair, untill the hopelessness of life causes you to kill yourself.
My Master, Lucifer, has honored me with the present of this Daemon spirit. Should I ivoke Belphegor, he may indeed agree to visit your domicile. There, in unending darkness your soul will shrivel up.

Ex kakodaemonos (notice how I correctly transliterated this, Darth. Also notice how you did not. And why? Because you are ignorant. This is fine, I'm just pointing it out for reference purposes.)
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