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Originally Posted by Darth Cacodaemon View Post
Fictional? Oh, no, no no! He is quite real or should I say IT is quite real.

Unfortunately, you fail to understand. As I said, I wouldn't waste my time sending some useless goon to bother you. A goon you can stop, you can shoot him or her or whatever.
No, he is a spirit (and you misspelled it's name). An evil spirit, you could say. As such, for most people, they can not defend themselves against it. Bullets have no meaning to a non-embodied spirit. Nor can you kill it.
Furthermore, it can reach you any time I desire. As I said, he/it was given to me as a gift by my Master, for services rendered. As I also said, he/it is the Spirit of Sloth, more particularly Despair and Suicide.
As for torture, I see no reason to do it for information. Torture only makes the person say what they think you want to hear. torment someone you despise or to use them as an example? Then yes, because it works.
I don't work for the C.I.A . Now, I am not saying that some agents don't work for US, but I AM saying we have no need of the C.I.A. Lucifer has a far, far superior Intelligence agency then any temporal government.
You will join me..eventually, dear BlueAngel. Why do I say this? Because you will eventually see the truth that it is your only choice. All other options simply will not suffice.
As for not serving us..HA HA HA You spread disinformation which serves us well. In the end, you will cease your futile resistance.
I don't spread disinformation.

I spread truth.

How's this for truth?

You are one sick puppy.

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