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Default Re: Looking for Hot Chick With D.I.D and Infantalism for Love

Originally Posted by Leonardo View Post
No, Blue. Darth is not one of my imaginary friends or alters.

Darth is Darth is Darth.

I really and honestly have not been here for several months. Just checked in today to see what the news is. Not that I really care, just staying moderately misinformed.

Besides, you honestly think I would use such and atrocious mistransliteration of the Greek, do you?

Cacodaemon....honestly. Illiterate people.
cacodemon (or cacodaemon) is an evil spirit or (in the modern sense of the word) a demon. The opposite of a cacodemon is an agathodaemon or eudaemon, a good spirit or angel. The word cacodemon comes through Latin from the Ancient Greek κακοδαίμων (kakodaimōn) meaning an evil spirit, whereas daimon would be a neutral spirit in Greek and Tychodaimon would be a good spirit. In psychology, cacodemonia (or cacodemomania) is a form of insanity in which the patient believes that they are possessed by an evil spirit. The first known occurrence of the word cacodemon dates to 1398. In Shakespeare's Richard III Act 1 Scene 3.Queen Margaret calls Richard a "cacodemon" for his foul deeds and manipulations.[1]


Look at that misspelling.


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