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Originally Posted by Darth Cacodaemon View Post
[/u][/b]? None of you cried crocodile tears when they were waterboarding the assess of the dudes in Gutanama Bay. No, most of you were behind it. Not many of you protest the oppression of the Chinese people, because you like cheap goods. The fact is for all you're posturing you are hypocrites!

Do you really believe the Police protect the poor as well as the wealthy? Please! Those have eyes to see and ears to hear, see and hear.
I suggest you search for my thread titled, "GITMO" before you speak for everyone.

I was tortured and certainly do not condone it.

I was afraid to take a shower when I was returned to my home the last time I was tortured around the age of 17 because I didn't want water on my face.

Please check my thread, "Why is China Poisoning Us," before you speak for everyone.

Poor people are considered to be useless eaters.

Non-contributors of society.

They receive no benefits.

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