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Default Re: Why so called "Satanic Ritual Abuse" and so called "Mind Control" is Bullshit

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Thank GOD for the FBI!

I trust everything they report!
Yes, they are far less credible then a women who thinks the C.I.A abducted her and (as far I gather) had Springsteen brainwash her. Oh, and said woman claims to have MPD as well. Let's see:

1) Bruce Springsteen messed with your head, hmm..sounds rational to me
2) The C.I.A, with all their involved in, just HAD to abduct you and do ghoulish things to you. I suppose that must make you feel pretty special. After all, I can honestly say I have never been abducted by Greys or had the C.I.A abduct me in their super secret "Black Helicopters" everyone knows about.

Bzzz! Wrong Answer! Try screwing your tinfoil hat on tighter. You lose!!
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