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Default Re: Why so called "Satanic Ritual Abuse" and so called "Mind Control" is Bullshit

Originally Posted by Darth Cacodaemon View Post
Yes, they are far less credible then a women who thinks the C.I.A abducted her and (as far I gather) had Springsteen brainwash her. Oh, and said woman claims to have MPD as well. Let's see:

Since FBI personnel were not victims of MKULTRA/Project Monarch or any other CIA/government sponsored mind control program, that would definitely make them less credible.

Please provide a quote from me wherein I stated that the CIA abducted me and/or that Springsteen brainwashed me. I have been married to the same man for 27 years and have never displayed MPD. As I have stated, people are not born with MPD; so, they don't have it. MPD and alters are created through trauma-based torture in the victims of those whom the CIA incarcerates in their mind control programs and through any other type of trauma not inflicted by the CIA. Get your facts straight before you speak.

1) Bruce Springsteen messed with your head, hmm..sounds rational to me

We really don't care what seems rational to you. You are not a rational person.

2) The C.I.A, with all their involved in, just HAD to abduct you and do ghoulish things to you. I suppose that must make you feel pretty special. After all, I can honestly say I have never been abducted by Greys or had the C.I.A abduct me in their super secret "Black Helicopters" everyone knows about.

From where are you deriving this ABDUCTION theory? I HAVE never stated that I was abducted by Greys or a black helicopter.

The CIA and their mind controllers did horrible things to me and if you think this would make me feel special, well, that just speaks volumes about your character.

Again, please provide a quote from me wherein I state that I was abducted by Greys and/or a black helicopter.

Bzzz! Wrong Answer! Try screwing your tinfoil hat on tighter. You lose!!

Bzz! I win.
Inside the box.

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