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Default Re: Conspiracy of socialist ( theftist ) education

Ozziecynic wrote:
My my point is to anyone that is a market liberal that despises public education and has themselves undertaken it should renounce it as, RD has claimed immediately,but he has NOT! I therefore suggest he burns is uni degree immediately or putup or shut up!. :roll:
Multinationals are conquiring the earth, primarily because sheeple want worthless things. You've heard it, he who dies with the most toys wins.

Multis prefer the completely indoctrinated. You can't take relevant courses, do independent study and become a sheeple for a Multi. You must be a completely indocrinated degreed sheeple.

When I look back at college, I wonder why I didn't kill of few of my profs.

We have met the enemy and ... he is us.

Pogo (Walt Kelly)
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