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Default Need a Playmate for My Alter

O.k, I know this isn't really dating or nothing, but I didn't know where else to put it.
Anyways, I need to hookup my Alter for a playmate. He's driving me crazy with it, and he is a nice kid. Obviously, it would be easy if my body's age and the Alter's age matched, but it doesn't.
So anyway, if there any dudes here or adult females here that are into role playing, hit me up. There is nothing sexual in it (2 yr olds aren't horny..sheesh, some people are so sick), and all he wants is a play date. So as long as you understand we won't be doing the do, just playing with blocks and stuff, hit me up.

Who knows, I may get lucky. I get too many horn dogs (and that includes some women!) on the Ab/Dl chats and stuff. Maybe I'll luck out here.

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