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Default Re: Self-Sufficiency vs. Comfort

Oh Drak! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,...infinity,, no, no,...

My God! At last! Draken is...GEORGE SOROS!

At last, i knew it!

Benevolent fascism eh? Not a fukcin chance in hell, except on a small scale in small settings where the order is accepted by all those present.

On the large scale? DISASTER!

This is Rothschild wish list! People all knowing there place and leaving all that importent stuff to the importent Plato's 'Philosopher Kings'.

Oh Drak! What happened? Torture? Money?... :-D

Nope, no way.

FREEDOM...with every little human taught their rights and responsabilities from the time they can talk. That they must partake their time and effort into the maintainence of the Republic.

Only then.

We must get away from letting people decide things for us or once Mr Nice King is killed by a lone nut we'll end up with Mr Nasty King... computer spontaneously 'submitted' my just started post and i noticed that my psuedonum has appeared online twice?

Da Joooze I tells ya!

One last thing...besides all that...i want the option to get out completley. I want society to ackowledge that there are some people who are happy to opt out completely and have nothing to do with any SYSTEM.

I want this option....then quite frankly, the rest of the human race can sink in it's own filth or goodness as they see fit.

I do not need a set of rules...

"And the law of the land shall be written unto their own hearts".

Tao De Ching?

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