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Default Re: Paedophilia: An Analysis In Method. not so convinced. Time will tell.

This is what my fave Rivero has to say on Gannon...

""I have really heard all I care to about Gannon. But I think a point needs to be made here. Gannon has been outed as a male prostitute and a hired propagandist by the GOP. The more the media treats him like he is a regular journalist, the more it calls into question the legitimacy of the mainstream media as a whole. Gannon is NOT an expert on media or blogging. And for him to sit up there on a panel at the Press Club pretending that he is, and for the Press Club to ALLOW Gannon to sit up there pretending he is, really underscores why America calls all the mainstream media "presstitutes". Real bloggers should make a point of writing The National Press Club and tell them that you are insulted that they think a man who sold himself online represents bloggers"".

So the fact that there is a great deal of circumstancial evidence of Bush and lover boy, as well as the precedents before them....this is all Rivero has to say...Rivero, you are a stooge.
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