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Default Re: Larry Silverstein

Originally Posted by TrondH View Post
It's evidence that Jews are big and evil liars. I already told you.

Out of all stories it's illegal in some countries not to believe the Holocaust story. A strong indication that the story is a lie.

Considering that Jewish Silverstein was the target and the perpetrator on 9/11, and that the whole world was tricked by the Jewish media into thinking that muslims had anything to do with it, the shrunken heads, lampshade and soap story becomes ridiculous.

Jews own the media. They've not been chased into those positions.

Click The Holocaust lie and watch the videos with the two ridiculous Jews who pretend to discuss the Holocaust.
You stated that the Holocaust was a lie.

I asked you to refute the facts and now you're talking about 911.

Stop deflecting.

Why do you believe that the Holocaust was a lie?

There are Jews who are living and lost loved ones during the Holocaust.

There are Jews who are living and survived concentration camps.

Your position is that they are all liars.

911 has absolutely nothing to do with the Holocaust other than Zionist Jews were probably involved in the destruction of the Twin Towers and the deaths of thousands just as they were involved in the Holocaust.


Explain your position without referencing 911.

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