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Default Re: Larry Silverstein

Out of all stories it's illegal in some countries not to believe the Holocaust story. A strong indication that the story is a lie.

Considering that Jewish Silverstein was the target and the perpetrator on 9/11, and that the whole world was tricked by the Jewish media into thinking that muslims had anything to do with it, the shrunken heads, lampshade and soap story becomes ridiculous.

9/11 was planned before the buildings were built. Jews are extremely evil. They're not persued. That's just one of the many lies from them.

And as you confirmed, Hitler was a Jew. Kinda weird that a Jew would hate Jews so much that he'd want to make lampshades out of them.

So, how did you know that Hitler was a Jew? Jews know that. I came to that conclusion after learning about his behavior, his false flag operation.

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