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Default Re: Larry Silverstein

Originally Posted by TrondH View Post
YouTube - Ernst Zundel on CNN #1

Why do you want to know? So you can keep pretending you didn't know?

In these countries:

"Sveits, Østerrike, Romania, Slovakia, Den Tsjekkiske Republikk, Litauen og Polen."

which I don't know all the names in english. Switzerland, Poland...

EU approves criminal measures against Holocaust denial

By The Associated Press

European Union nations agreed Thursday to set jail sentences against those who deny or trivialize the Holocaust, as part of efforts to combat racism and hate crimes across the 27-nation bloc.
EU approves criminal measures against Holocaust denial - Haaretz - Israel News
Excuse me, but I'm not one to PRETEND.

I am telling you that I didn't know it was a crime in some countries to denounce the Holocaust and, thus far, you are providing evidence to the contrary.

Thank you and carry on.

The forum appreciates your efforts in this regard.
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