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Default Re: Does anyone know what these masonic hand gestures and signals are?

I was just reading the post regarding folding your arms being a Masonic sign, and it reminded me of my visit to Rosslyn Chapel, there was a story carved in to a stone freeze,there was about 6 or 7 small pictures in total, but unfortunately there was no official explanation of the carvings.

One of the carvings was of a man with his arms folded across his chest, just as described in the earlier post, and Roslyn is well known for its Templar/Masonic connections over the last few hundred year or so.

In another part of the Chapple, there is a stone carving of a Maze plant, of the type grown in South America, strangely the Chapel was built before America was discovered, which of course tells us the history we were taught is incorrect.

The Chapple was built as an exact scaled down model of the Temple that once stood in Jerusalem, but was flatened during an invasion of the time. It is known that the original Temple in Jerusalm had underground vaults, and when Archiologists scanned the floor of Rosslyn with electronic equipment it clearly showed the vaults exactly the same as the original temple below.

There has been nothing done to excavate the floors since the scan, i wonder why?

Rumour has it that the vaults contain the the skull of Jesus or some other Holy relic.

Any one here been to Rosslyn?

There is also a Templar Castle at Rosslyn which unlike any other Castle, is built in a small gully, and can not be seen from any direction. until you are right on top of it, Prince Charles, and various other Royals have actually stayed there at various times., i was lucky enough to get a guided tour by the lady in charge of the Castle, her name is Pamy, she's a lovely lady indeed.

She told me that there is a tunnel out of the Castle that ends quite some miles away, for am emergency escape route.

Places to Visit - Rosslyn Chapel


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