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Default Re: Despair is from Satan


You think you can stop sinning right now ? I don't mean stealing or murdering, but having envy, showing anger, being jealous, proud, thinking bad things about people ?

Come on, give me a break ! This is just self-righteousness and a sin in itself ! You are a sinner, my friend, like the rest of us, and you think that if you are just a little bit good God MUST accept you. You set the rules for God. What a presumption. The God you worship can be bought for little.

Forgiveness and good works are NOT exclusive. Once you are forgiven and receive Jesus as Savior, the Holy Spirit will give you a will to do good works. NOT as a means of salvation, but as gratitude and a reflection of the character of God. No place for lazy bums here. Once saved, you are not inherently wicked anymore, and will be holy when you get to be with God.

For me this is reason enough to live, to enjoy God's creation, love people and enjoy God Himself.

Again, Ahmad, I think you got my point very well but you pretend you didn`t understand in order to keep machine gunning this forum with your ideas.
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