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The only axis of evil is bushy boy and his elite scumbos bilderbergers and
rockefellers, and rothchilds. Many more to mention than I can at this time.
If some group could get rids of ALL the elite we may get our country back.
Until we get our country back we could have some very serious trouble with
our government. The real show is being run by this facist, racist, and hate
mongering, war mongers. They consider us to be their slaves and promote their agenda unto all of us peons. If we truly love this country, it needs to taken back by the People, for the people and the commonwealth of this country. These old presidents who took the money away and made this federal reserve should be beaten with large fish hooks and hung out over
pig pens. Such a Teddy Hoosvelt. and all of them since.
we need to do something about this or we will all be at the soup lines.
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