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Default 9/11 Imcriminating evidence

You've all seen the videos, this isn't the first time the government was blamed for something like this, i agree i think there was a lot more too it than most know. The Pentagon, i would be ashamed to leave that much evidence that it was clearly not a plane. The two towers, this was a little cleaner, besides the fact that a plane full of civilians managed to do one of two things, not even exist in the first place due to being made up by the government, which i wouldn't believe since it would be completely pointless to crash a plane in a field. Or, De-Hijack a plane with paid mercenaries that are planning to crash a plane into some building. A plane would not do that to a massive building, now an Atlas intercontinental range Ballistic missle would do about that to a massive tower. See what i never found easy to understand, is why? Why would you even want to blow up two towers, that seems like the least successful way to gain something by blowing to towers in the middle of your country up. They use all this information and basically use it to blame other people iraq afghan ect. ect.

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