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Default Re: Crank Yankers Episode 1.

A shrink? What for? I'm responsible, I rub elbows with good, responsible people. No welfare queen here.
Maybe you need a shrink.

You've mouthed off to some that shows me that you have some grudge against certain people primarily those of limited educational level, or lack of, I'm referring to formal, higher education through universities.

I, very much, admire those (for example in this CC) that are educated through other avenues in life and project themselves so well.

However, with you OC when someone throws your medicine back at you, you can't take it.

And trust me, I'm college material. But I've made my choices in life, with no regrets, because I've applied myself to be the best at what I do.

You seem to think that you will disregard certain people and get yourself on "track". And that's ok depending on what kind of people you avoid: druggies, law offenders, those that don't want to work. I understand that part. But you seem to hit on those that YOU think are worthless and shiftless because of their education status. Fine, you'll learn!!

Just because you are poor, doesn't mean that when you start to better yourself scholastically and economically---
that your rights are to step on others.
That's what I pick up on you.

No, I don't need a shrink, you do.

Jealous? Nope, of what? I am financially secure that I can take years off from work and go to school and get my bachelors if I wanted to. And I don't need a student loan or anyone to pay my bills.
Me jealous? I think it's YOU. My yearly earnings are more than the degreed person in an office job of 10 years. I'm glad I don't have those headaches.

Sorry you have your insecurities.

PS: respond all you want. I won't answer back, I'll give you a break.
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