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Default Re: The Road To Satan!!

Originally Posted by 1949 View Post
Anyone who loves HaSatan is an idiot? Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Was that a question or a statement? If it was a statement, why the question mark? It is obvious, Sir, that you are a religious fanatic and a Fundy. I suggest Thorazine, so you will no longer worship a book.

You ought to have a search and find club so you can go out and find

something that is called " A BRAIN"!! Satan wasn't real smart he got kicked

out of heaven.
Who is talking about Satan? That's YOUR term for the greatest friend of humankind. Lucifer is the spirit of Enlightenment and Knowledge, whereas your little godling is the spirit of Tyranny and Ignorance.
Oh, and if your "god" is so powerful, why, pray tell, has he not killed my Master? Lucifer left Heaven to free humankind from the chains of that blind Fool you follow. He brought culture and taught us the use of metals and civilization. What did your impotent little godling try to do? Keep us ignorant animals, naked and stupid.
By the way, eventually your godling will die, as will you.


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