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Smile Israel is Real

Israel is Real

Amy George

Part One: The Cosmic Jew

Each of the religions expresses essential universal truths about the human condition. As such, everyone is Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, Taoist, and so on. Dreams bear this out. Dreams do not promote one religion over another. Instead, they use religion to give context to the dreamer's experience. Dreams also interconnect the religions, illuminate their true meanings, and reveal the roots of their misappropriation.
In my dreams, the religion most directly associated with the global collective -- with all of humanity -- is Judaism. The Jewish story -- its exodus from slavery, quest for a Promised Land, eras of stability, and eras of Diaspora -- is everyone's story. It is the story of the collective as well as the individual. To find the Promised Land, every person must wander the desert for forty years.

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