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Default Re: US to abandon Israel over Iran?

Personally, if I had my way, USA would NOT come to the aid of Israel if they decided to have ANYMORE wars etc., with ANY Arab Country. Israel has been given far too much power from the USA, armament wise, but there are other countries nearby who also have a decent military engine. I say let ALL the Arabs join forces against Israel and let them all have their big whammy war without Big Brother sacrificing its young men/women to die for Israel. Enough already! All Israel ever wants to do is KILL and DESTROY everything that they don't like.... so fine, let em at it. All of them!

One BIG final Blast! Maybe we'll all get lucky in the west, and they'll all totally destroy themselves, and turn the sands into glass. Then we'll all be rid of the powder keg, and finally we can live in peace, without ALL the Terrorists to bother us, Israel included.
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