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Default Re: Obama and Netanyahu: Storm Clouds Ahead?

Netanyahu, the one who said "Israel OWNS the USA". How can you trust a weasel like this to ever want to talk peace? Israelis don't want peace, they want only to destroy and TAKE the spoils. Human life has no value, unless you're a Jew. The Talmud says so, and they accept that satanic truth. Strange thing is, we are ALL of the same bloodline, no matter how much it's opposed. We ALL derived from ADAM, therefore we are ALL related. We are MANKIND. There can be only ONE. It's high time we learn to live with one another, so we can ALL enjoy the Peace that each of us, inherently desires.

With Netanyahu, that OLD War Criminal in power again.... there can be NO peace. If he had his way, he would totally obliterate Arabs off the face of the earth... and then if he had the power, Russia and America would be next. Then the Jews would have what they've always wanted... World Domination. To be the Emperors of ALL Lower Lifeforms, hence any non-jew.
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