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Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Originally Posted by Darth Cacodaemon
I sense your anger towards the "Pigs"..Perhaps they were sent to lead YOU to ME. Pain is a teacher and payback is a bitch.
Are you going to moan about this forever? If so, then you're wasting your breath. Or..Do you intend to do something about it?

There is nothing more pathetic then someone who bitches and moans, but won't do anything about it. So which will you be, a perpetual victim or will you do what is necessary, even if it is difficult, to get your pound of flesh?


Posted by BlueAngel:

Excuse me, but I'm not bitching and moaning.

I'm contributing to the forum about this topic.

I WAS a victim.

Operative word:



The mind controllers who tortured and abused me were not sent to me and, even if they were, I'm CERTAIN beyond a reasonable doubt it wasn't so that I would be led to you.

Oh, how wrong you are! All your roads eventually lead right to me. You may wander for a while, but it is your destiny to come to me. When you do, I shall deliver you to my Master who will show you the truth of the world and the nature of power.

An anonymous poster on an internet forum.

Please tell the forum to what you are referring when you ask if I am going to do what is necessary, even if it is difficult, to get my pound of flesh.

No need to be obscure.

Or, is there?

You know what you must do. But the question is, quite plainly, are you willing to make the effort to do so? You will never have revenge on these people as it stands now. Please be assured, the reason they did what they did wasn't for brainwashing like you think. If it were just for that, they could have kidnapped a homeless person off the street no one would miss.
No, there is more to then meets the eye, to which they are attracted as is my Master. You would be a powerful ally. It is for this reason they kidnapped you. The brainwashing cover is horse shit to misdirect you.

I mean, if you weren't obscure, you would have to be clear and concise as to what you are inferring and that isn't how people like you operate.

If I were to tell everything I knew, openly, I might end up floating face down in the Detroit River. No matter how far someone is up on the food chain, there is always somebody higher then you. I don't think I need to tell you the penalty for what amounts to treason.

You know that I know what you're suggesting, but you just can't come right out and say it in plain ENGLISH for all to read, now can you?

Good thing I don't reside in a suggestible state of mind, isn't it?

You do, but you don't realize it. Like I said, in the end my Master will have you. You woud be a powerful ally for my Master and would a good soldier for N.W.O . I would counsel you to face up to reality and accept the truth rather then deceive yourself with empty hope and fantasies with no foundation.(:
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