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Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Darth said:

"There is a Path for those who persevere that will give you the power, should you wish it, to kill those responsible.
However, I doubt you're strong enough to walk it."


BlueAngel said:

You have suggested that I have the power to KILL those responsible for my victimization, if I wish it.

I don't wish to kill anyone, but, please, enlighten the forum as to the names of those responsible for my victimization since you seem to be "in the know."

To whom you are referring to when you use the words "THOSE WHO PERSEVERE?"

In particular, your choice of the word "THOSE" suggests you are referring to more than one.

Would you be referring to alters that you believe I possess and whom perservered and that these alters will give me the power to kill the other alters that were created through trauma-based torture to cause discontent within my CORE?

Sorry, pal, but I'm perfectly content.

I am ONE and, as is BLATANTLY obvious, in your face kind of thing, my CORE is in tact and I don't adhere to "suicide" programming.

In the end, you will have to choose sides, Blue Angel. Choose wisely, because this is a "winner takes all" game. The penalty for the losing side is extermination.
I am not interested in your alters. Big deal. I am interested in bring you before my Master so you can join us. BlueAngel, don't let idealism destroy you. Think very carefully over whom you ally yourself to.
I myself mean no harm to you. But this is a game, but a damn serious one. In the end, there will be blood. Think it over..
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