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Originally Posted by Darth Cacodaemon View Post
In the end, you will have to choose sides, Blue Angel. Choose wisely, because this is a "winner takes all" game. The penalty for the losing side is extermination.
I am not interested in your alters. Big deal. I am interested in bring you before my Master so you can join us. BlueAngel, don't let idealism destroy you. Think very carefully over whom you ally yourself to.
I myself mean no harm to you. But this is a game, but a damn serious one. In the end, there will be blood. Think it over..
I don't have alters and contrary to what you say, that was what you were fishing for.

I'm not interested in you bringing me before anyone.

Nothing destroys me.

Idealism or otherwise.

I don't need to think carefully about to whom I align myself with as I have already made that quite clear.

Take your scare tactics elsewhere.

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