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Default Re: New Flu Spreading Like Wildfire

Check this out.

As of yesterday, the CDC had reports of 64 lab-confirmed cases of swine flu in California, Kansas, New York City, Ohio, and Texas.

Because the CDC is updating its tally once a day, yesterday's CDC figure does not include another confirmed case in California and one in Indiana; those two cases would put the figure at 66 people with lab-confirmed swine flu in the U.S.
CDC Confirms First U.S. Swine Flu Death

They are confirming the cases at ONE POINT in the US! WTF.

While the flu spreads like wildfire, the CDC refuses to release the re-agent.

Engel also said the state will soon receive the reagent material that’s necessary to confirm the presence of swine flu in the state. Currently, the state can test to determine if a patient likely has swine flu, but final lab work must be sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
No signs of swine flu found in N.C. | | Times-News Online | Hendersonville, NC

This is a biological attack on the good citizens of the world.
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