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Default Re: the O.T.O Hoax

I've seen two people claim they 'know for a fact' that was an OTO run site.

I've seen ONE person say "How do you know?"


As a long time tin foil hat wearing Australian I stumbled upon when they first started. It's well documented that they're just two old whackjob hippies who lived on a farm in NSW off pensions who soap boxed rants of conspiracies without any evidence (sound familiar, OP?) and got their arses handed to them in court.

They were taken to court about it then decided that 'because the legal system is full of freemasons' that the court had no jurisdiction over them and refused to go. They were then aprehended for being nutbags and dragged to court in another state (14 hours drive away) where the (FEMALE! Hah, yeah, mason) magistrate found them guilty of religious vilification.

Problem was, they decided to do a runner before the trial was half way through, so they were charged with contempt of court, found, arrested, brought back, and given nine months in the slammer.

The original court order was to 'take down the vilifying material and apologise', but this was clearly YET ANOTHER CONSPIRACY! So they didn't. However when they did a bolt, Billy Meiers aliens told him to tell them to take down the site (see: cult much?) so they obeyed the aliens that some guy overseas talks to but not the rule of law of their sovreign nation and home.

Whilst it may sound like I'm putting shit on them, I actually did a lot of calling about to ensure amnesty international and a few other organisations were made aware that two people who were clearly mentally disturbed were in custody for very dodgy reasons. I truly believe that, like the original poster and other people who 'KNOW ITS THE OTO!!1!~eleventy!!' that people who have this kind of behavioural pattern are merely affected individuals of unsound mind who NEED to be helped, not punished.

The gaiaguys site was run for many, many years by these two, and they are so batshit insane that every fraternal organisation from freemasonry, to OTO, to OES and others were all one in the same clandestine new world order to them. Even three of their supporters, on behest of legal counsel, sought psychological evaluation and were found to be unstable for these beliefs. I guess all the doctors must be ORDO TEMPLI EASTERN STAR TEMPLE ORIENTES KNIGHT BOY SCOUT TEMPLARZ. (Which is clearly the culminating entity name of the new world order when you compile what most whackjobs think is all one big 'operation'.)

SO. My diatribe aside, I challenge anyone to provide even one scrap of scant evidence that was run by anyone but two crazy arse hippies, much like most of the userbase of this forum, and much like myself!

If you can't, then shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down because you're an irrational tool who gives the rest of us with legitimate questions about the validity of various statements in every day life a bad name.
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