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Default Re: freemasonrys ultimate secret

Originally Posted by andymonk View Post
You are right as far as the flower of life(first layer of three)being well known(pic). The complete flower of life(three layered)is only seen and used by high ranking freemasons. Have you ever heard of "Hidden in plain site"? This is a tactic used by freemasonry and many other secret societies to hide their most sacred symbols. If you have not been initiated into certain degrees,you will not see..........never mind know the meaning of the symbol you are looking at.
Or more like this new 'third layer' being a three dimensional geometric creation, was non-existant before computer generated imagery allowed it to be crafted.

Could you imagine carving the 'first layer' as you like to call it in stone with stone tools? Let alone the 'third'? The third would be IMPOSSIBLE.

Thus, I call bullshit on this entire thread, and challenge anyone to PROVE, using critical reasoning, logic, and evidence otherwise.
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