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Why do they refer to this man as a former "Al Qaeda" SLEEPER AGENT?

• Former al-Qaida sleeper agent pleads guilty in Illinois court

How would they know this man is a SLEEPER AGENT unless they put him to sleep?

Putting one to sleep infers "mind control" programming is present and we all know about the CIA's connection to mind control and their use of AGENTS to do their dirty work for them so their hands remain clean.

Case in point:

Lee Harvey Oswald.

So, this man admits to aiding and abetting Al Qaeda after five years of being tortured and, wallah, TORTURE works.

The CIA is trying to look good.

Sorry, but as someone who underwent torture in order to silence me, I can state with certainty that most times when the CIA tortures, they do so in an attempt silence people as to their involvement in their lives.

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