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Default Re: New Flu Spreading Like Wildfire

layinglow1 wrote:

"Not only does it mutate to infect humans, it also mutates inside our bodies, laying dormant at first, so we seem to get better....then a few weeks to a month later, we get sick again, only THIS time it is fatal. That is why they are dying in Mexico, and not here in the US. The Mexico deaths are the SECOND phase of the illness."

From where have you derived the above information?

How does a virus lay dormant, but then WE seem to get better.

If the virus lays dormant, that means that signs of illness are not present so, therefore, WE wouldn't seem to get better because WE aren't experiencing an illness.

What is the deal with your use of the word "WE?"

You say:

It mutates inside OUR bodies.

WE seem to get better.

WE get sick again.

How do you know the Mexico deaths are the second phase of the illness?

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