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Red face How are you? I'm anti-evil & pro-righteous

I hope all of you are doing very well. Same goes for your community. What's going on with you? Do any of you think we can overcome the tyrants & occultists, who pose as our leaders? I want us to do so. We're strong enough to be our own masters or guides.

This website has an interesting community. I find it difficult to get replies from some of you though. Anyway, I came to this website after repeatedly being led away from awful online-communities, which love ignorance & hate the true prophets' scriptures (especially Aramaic scriptures & Paleo-Hebrew scriptures).

1 of the most awful websites, at which I've ever participated is named,

Skeptic Overlord (claims to be co-owner of that website) has "post-banned" me for posting information about the JFK Assassination. Here is a suggestion for anyone, who may think that website is good for discussing whatever they want: find a forum-site, which isn't hosted by morons, who are easily disturbed by harmless information & links that were removed in this forum-section: Video: The Garrison Tapes - The Real Life JFK Investigation, page 1

You may find other websites that aren't hosted by unfair administrators.

At -you're more than likely to be allowed to post as much as you want about what you've witnessed & experienced. is as bad as the government-controlled corporations, which are sponsored by the "owner(s)" of that website. I've seen the Navy & other organizations supported by the criminal-government advertised at this website.

On top of that, the owners of that website have admitted (and have been caught) reading & deleting private messages by many of the current- & former-members of that website. Several people, who have exposed the owners of have been sued (if not just threatened & warned), and stalked online by those same site-administrators.

Stay safe & be well. I will try to catch up with you, at a better time. I might be available at this website after today or tomorrow though.

Seek the truth.

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