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Smile EXPOSED: Occult government-controlled forums & media-outlets: doesn't censor harmless people, who just want to share their ideas & experiences with the online truth-seeking community. If you want to be free to express yourself at all times and/or share any harmless ideas at online forum-websites, you're better off at this website & sites like it.

I suggest that all of you avoid the administrators & moderators at and Many of them work for government-agencies. They've joked about their affiliation with freemasons & other occult/mysterious religious groups. Even the so-called, former "ATS conspiracy-master", John Lear has commented about the administrators & moderators at, who are using that website as an intel "collection-point" for data-mining, collecting the IP-addresses of everyone of their former & current forum-members.

Many people, who have registered & participated at those forums have been banned just for publicly expressing themselves or disagreeing with the owners of that website. You'll notice many ads to mainstream-corporate news & military-agencies posted on the right and/or left side of the homepage of

The owners of, (and sites like them) share as much data as they can find about participants at their websites with the CIA, Homeland Security, and other occult government-controlled agencies, as well as news-corporations.

Skeptic Overlord (claims to be co-owner of that website) has "post-banned" me for posting information about the JFK Assassination. Here is a suggestion for anyone, who may think that website is good for discussing whatever they want: find a forum-site, which isn't hosted by morons, who are easily disturbed by harmless information & links that were removed in this forum-section: Video: The Garrison Tapes - The Real Life JFK Investigation, page 1

At this website: we're more than likely to be allowed to post as much as we want about the truth. is as bad as the government-controlled corporations, which are sponsored by the "owner(s)" of that website. I've seen the Navy & other organizations supported by the criminal-government advertised at this website.

On top of that, the owners of that website have admitted (and have been caught) reading & deleting private messages by many of the current- & former-members of that website. Several people, who have exposed the owners of have been sued (if not just threatened & warned), and stalked online by those same site-administrators.

Seek the truth.
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