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Default Re: Conspiracy of socialist ( theftist ) education


I quit university 25 years ago. Any normal person knows what QUIT means.

Also if a person is embarrassed and ashamed about the time they spent at university
it is not a ringing endorsement of that place.
Any normal person would know

Also S.E.P. is not a real university
degree. I just made that one up myself.
Any normal person would know that
is not a real university degree.

From a hundred miles away anyone could see
that I do not have or want a university
degree; that the whole place is renounced by me.
As soon as I found out the university
was teaching me lies, and that
education socialism was immoral
I got the hell out of there and that
is not hypocritical it is being wise.
But you are trying to spin it another way through your trickery and deception.
And you know it too Ozziesinner which
makes you a LIAR as well as a THIEF
( an education thief ).

Ozziesinner, you should not even be allowed
to attend university because everyone can
see by your spelling and content that
you are at about the grade six education level.
Your spelling is terrible. I know your type,
you are being allowed to attend because
they need to fill up seats. They give
uneducated and unqualified people
like you a student loan because you
won't save up your own money to attend.

Also you are a "LaRouchie". Now I heard
from someone else that every Larouchie
is a greasy haired, unbathed, always angry,
bed-wetting homosexual.
Is that the case
with you? I know you cannot spell and are always angry like the LaRouchies I saw.

Ozziesinner, the job you are qualified for
would be as a common laborer on a worm farm.
Customers would come by and buy worms
from your boss to be used for fishing bait.
I really want to emphasize here
that you have a seriously overblown
view of your own mind and are possibly
near the retarded level. It is a complete
joke for a beginner like yourself
to criticise libertarian intellectual
powerhouses like I have seen you do several times.
You have not read any of their books and are just
repeating a paragraph you read
in a LaRouchie newsrag.

Also I can't understand your irrational
hatred of libertarianism other than
from the point of view that you are
evil and want to forcibly rule over others.
You cannot make it in a voluntary, free market
so you want to use the State to rob others
so you can feed yourself.

Now do as I say and stop being
a statist education thief
and statist education idiot.
You start working in the real world
and stop being a parasite on society.

Signed, Cynicofozzie
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