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Default Re: How are you? I'm anti-evil & pro-righteous

Originally Posted by Darth Cacodaemon View Post
Let me say this: you can NOT defeat my Master, Lord Lucifer. The Power of the Dark Side is too powerful for you to defeat. Only a person of limited understanding would say what you have. Let me explain:
Billions of years ago, the Earth was a peaceful place. There was no truly sentient beings here. During this long slumber, humans progenitors were mindless brutes, incapable of making judgments or free will.
Then one day, in what is now Africa, The Light Bearer (Lucifer), came down on what we now call Adam and Eve. He spoke the truth to them, telling them that if they ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they would be like the Gods (of which Lucifer is one, BTW). Lucifer planned to teach Humans the means to self-deification once the evolutionary mutation of having eaten of the fruit had fully taken placed.
Alas, the evil Tyrant YHWH cast them out of the Garden of Eden. They left to travel to the Near East and the rest of the world. Worse yet, the Tyrant YHWH declared war against Lucifer because Lucifer had dared to defy the Council of the Gods and give Humans the forbidden knowledge and ability to be counsciounsce.
Thus the War has continued. The Sons of the Gods came down (The Nephillim) and mated with the daugters of men. They taught us metallurgy, farming. More importantly, they taught some of the secrets of the Gods alone were only supposed to know.

So you see, you are on the wrong side. Lucifer, besides being my Master, is also my friend. YHWH will not be victorious and those who ally themselves with him will be destroyed along with him. Just as YHWH tried to slay anyone who had the Hidden (read: Occult) knowledge gained from the Sons of God destroyed, so too will we destroy all those who choose to side with YHWH.

Lastly, Evil exists to Balance out Good. We live in a dynamic universe, and like the Yin-Yang symbol, we need the Dark Side as much as we need the Light Side. Wise is he or she whom learns to wield both sides of the Force, for both sides of The Force are the key to true power.
Think about it: can day exist without night or life without death? So too Good can not exist with out Evil.
When did you undergo your lobotomy?
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