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Default Re: Is 666 the number of the beast or the Quran?

What about believing?

Does the Moslem or the Jew or the Christian believe in Miracles? I believe and I don't know. Born to, you appear to have faith, of a kind (no offence meant). Are miracles fantasy as they may not be understood under the guise of knowledge?

Believing is everything. If we believe this world is ending armageddon style with the illuminato at the helm or whatever; we are creating a self-fullfilling prophecy. Our actions will surely follow up on what we believe.

If I have faith that I am an artist and I can sell my sculptures... will I? Given hope and time.

Is there any way I can have direct knowledge of this future circumstance? I'm not God.

I have a belief system which is positive and motivates me to do positive things.

What do I know? Not very much about anything, if I am honest. Although I am travelled and getting older, I only know what I have experienced and even that has been tainted by the filters of society as I have been taught how to percieve things... ignore the ugly bits and pretend Nova Scotia is such a nice place to live.

Let me go throw up in our sewage ridden harbour where the natives are scared to tell the tourists, "Ugh, I wouldn't wash your kids face in that or your hands... we still pump raw untreated sewage direct into our harbour... it is 2004? Our local government "loaned" the money for the sewage treatment plant to their contractor friends to build the sewage system for the "new" subdivision of Claton Park. They didn't have to pay it back to the tax payer and I'm certain a few politicians benefitted from this scam.

Can I see floaters in the harbour? Yes. That would be knowledge.

Can I prove those who stole tax-payers money? No. I still believe they did what they did. I have seen floaters in the harbour any time I cared to look for them and Nova Scotia's new fish on the extinction list... the blow fish. It looks like a floating used condom. Disgusting.

I believe our beliefs are more important than any knowledge we obtain. It is our beliefs that set the filters for the sub-conscious to seek and find knowledge to support whichever belief system we are currently following.

I believe in God. I have no knowledge that I may translate into proof to show another individual that God is real. I have personal experience though.

Mad cow I love the way you believe in God!
I think it's called faith of a positive nature as opposed to destructive knowledge.

mary XXX
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