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Thank you, Lorne Michaels (Lorne David Lipowitz), the producer of SNL (Saturday Night Live).

Nice way to pay tribute to the mothers of the world on Mother's Day.

And, thank you, Susan Sarandon, for taking part in this disgusting skit.

I have lost all respect for you as a mother and a person.

Did your children watch your performance on SNL?

Justin Timberlake?

What can you say about him?

Disgusting, as well.

The lyrics tell of mom's suffering "since dad passed away" --- "We should f--k each others mothers." "I can't wait until I f--k your mother." "It'll be an honor to become your stepfather."

Lyrics to Mother Love:

"Hold up/ You thinking what I'm thinking/ I'm thinking I'm thinkin' it too," "Slow up/ What time's it, dog?/ It's time for a switcheroo/ We both love our moms/ Women with grown women needs/ I say we break 'em off, show 'em how much they really mean."

"I'm a motherlover, you're a motherlover/ We should f--- each other's mothers," cause every Mother's Day needs a mother's night/ If doin' it is wrong, I don't wanna be right."

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