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Default Re: Why American Women Are Big?

America is a Cancerian nation Born on the 4th of July.

It loves home and certainty.

When big bankers from England decided to totally subvert America and get it to fight it's wars for them, they created a great deal of unconscious tension.

Americans are not imperialists by nature and would prefer home and family.

The upsetting of the social balance and dog eat dog material world created, has caused Americans to alay their anxiety with food and drugs.

Of course they could just be fat and lazy but I prefer my advanced psychotherapeutic fact i may write a book and put my smiling photo on the cover...get on Oprah, Dr Phil etc...

James Hillman & Machael Ventura do a great peice on things like the 'Anonymous' groups...over eaters anonymous etc...they should be more political and proactive instead of asking God for help they should ask why they have advertising shoving shit food at them all day and a society that sucks causing them great anxiety and over eating habits.

Revoloution NOW! Or maybe later, Jerry's on and I have a big packet of MSG laced Corn Chips to eat...yum yum...
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