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Default Anti-Esoteric Attitude Perpetuates NWO Status Quo

One thing strikes me as I read Institute's interesting post:

If all these occult power currents run under the surface of Western and ME geopolitics (and ultimately world affairs) and if Kabbalists/Freemasons/Sufis/Rosicrucians/Illuminati utilize occult (hidden) knowledge/"magic" to further their political agenda (and I would NOT necessarily put all esoteric teaching on the same level of genuineness or "evilness");

1) should we not assume they actually HAVE a kind of knowledge WE don't since they seem to be so successful in using that power to oppress and terrorize us?

2) should we not, like nomad's suggesting, at least study the possibility there is such a thing as esoteric knowledge and

3) does that knowledge HAVE to be evil or originate from Satan?

4) Does not everything in existence originate from God?

Having asked these questions, I am very much aware of the fact that many, actually most, esoteric schools of thought and knowledge have been corrupted and infiltrated by evil undercurrents and therefore could be dangerous for both individuals and societies. (Actually, I've read elsewhere the Sufi orders of Turkey Institute is talking about are 99% infiltrated and under the almost total control of Jews - probably Khazars. The genuine Sufi orders don't dabble in politics and certainly don't have a radical, violent or terror agenda.)

But to dismiss all esoteric teaching as evil and to avoid it at all cost seems to me to perpetuate the status quo we are in, i.e. the dominance and oppression by spiritually corrupt but esoterically very knowledgable people.

I've noticed very religiously motivated people (mostly "Christian") on this forum condemn esoterism as evil and anyone in favour of or interested in esoterism will "burn in Hell", etc. Isn't that kind of attitude really helping in the abovementioned perpetuation of status quo? If yes, then is this anti-esoteric attitude not really the result of infiltration and corruption of genuine religion by these said evil undercurrents? After all, most of us agree most genuine religions have been infiltrated and corrupted by the NWO.

Personally, I think that if we are to make any progress in the fight against the NWO in all its forms, we can't allow ourselves to be afraid of esoterism or the occult. It's too easy. Certainly we need to be extremely cautious and above all KNOW WHAT WE'RE DEALING WITH. As long as we let ourselves be terrified of, to us, unknown facts we really have NO CHANCE of knowing what we're dealing with.

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