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Default Re: Crank Yankers Episode 1.

A shrink? What for? I'm responsible, I rub elbows with good, responsible people. No welfare queen here.
.K So you really are an idiot white trash american with conceited ego.Just as I thought, its all about YOU isnt it and your Self centred ME first attitude.People like you DIXIE cow are the reason the rest of the world hates americans you cant learn to be modest or admit your wrong occasionally so I guess you gunna get hammered when Tin empire stars & strips hits the deck.

And Remeber this Gem.
People like you do not sit at our table. We welcome those that welcome the poor in spirit, the poor in education, and we make them ONE with us. It's how you carry yourself.
So who is the so called SNOB now then!
So Poor in spirit arent you,when the shoes on the other foot!What a joke such a great christian to HEY :lol:

You've mouthed off to some that shows me that you have some grudge against certain people primarily those of limited educational level, or lack of, I'm referring to formal, higher education through universities.
And despite all your sweeping platitudes to the contrary it appears you have grudge against the POOR infact and not just in spirit in material and status also. Your posts are so easy to take apart with your own hypocrisy and its humerous.

, very much, admire those (for example in this CC) that are educated through other avenues in life and project themselves so well.
As stated once already i have also been educated in the school of life also!.

However, with you OC when someone throws your medicine back at you, you can't take it.
Well actually who was the one who started the aggro and attacked first!?? So put or shutup!.

Whos to say i have ever been off track. I think the post modern world is off track which means off track is an entirely subjective. assesment!.And what is more if you regrad yourself as so on track why do you hold such grudges and post on a radical site for dissidents promoting anti NWO terrorism ideals against the status qou Hey??. Yes Model citizen i salute You!!:lol:

Just because you are poor, doesn't mean that when you start to better yourself scholastically and economically---
Just because your a redneck cow that probly hates blacks, welfare receipents etc. Doesnt give you the right to step on others.Nor does it give you the right to call yourself a christian!.

Jealous? Nope, of what? I am financially secure that I can take years off from work and go to school and get my bachelors if I wanted to. And I don't need a student loan or anyone to pay my bills.
So what the hell is your problem then!. Actually i already KNOW its all about YOU yes YOU EGO No 1 and what poor didems pride can or cant have!

Got To Hell!!
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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