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Default Re: I tried to do Hand Stands for you!

Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
Well, BA , it is clear these "NWO(College Folks) Indocrinates" don't see the the FOOD VALUE of these critters, if they realized that in as little as 6 months the U.S will be TOTALLY DESTITUTE and BANKRUPT then they would KILL that little thing for food.

YouTube - Survival: Basic Snare Trap For Small Game

Israel is the Whore of Babylon
Take it easy there, redrat. When the Apocalypse comes, there will be plenty of food. I plan on feasting on human flesh. I never liked the human race that much anyways, so why not eat the excess?
I bet you would be tastier and more nutritious then a scrawny squirrel. I'll smash your head with a hammer after I stick your head in a vice and eat your brain while you're still alive.
Remember people: Eat people, not animals. What the hell has a squirrel ever done to you? Just bash some old bird in the head or what not and fry them up.
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