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Default Re: Crank Yankers Episode 1.

I guess I will respond.
OC, I hope you don't talk this way in general.
Shame on you.
No my dear, no white trash here, no cow, no dixie nothing. And as far as what you said against Americans. Yes, America can use a reboot. However, to those that come from other lands not using the English Language, they think we are all nuts. Yesterday, talk about coincidence, I met a lady that just moved here from Australia. Abusive husband. Plus other stories against Australian men. Hmmm. Seems like alot of trash on your side of the fence in OZland.

Homeless people in our county: several Australian guys! Why come here??? Running from the law?? Need new identity??

So I guess it's the same everywhere (?)

You are insecure. Period.
Shame on you. You do not represent those that seek a betterment in life. You stand in your little evil, distorted mind set.
Too bad.
As far as being a hypocrit. No. Just like I've said, I believe in how one carries themselves.
I cannot make fools of the butcher , the baker, the candlestick maker. My family through good and bad times hasn't forgotten its roots.
For those that know me here in CC, they know my family's background. They struggled, and members of their family died during Stalin's and Hitler times.

No OC, YOU are wet behind the ears. You don't know freedom. You don't know respect. You are too filled with anger. You're in need of professional help.
Just keep showing off your big mouth. I see how you are trying to educate yourself. Some education!! I'm sure you have a police record, and you're probably the town drunk. You have a difficult time being civil.

What started out as a compliment to one of your posts ended up abusing me. You idiot. READ!!!
READ and learn from others here how to debate.
I am not a political person, I make no secret of that. There are those here such as Draken, TB that are well learned and versed in this type of topic and debate. Others have interests and knowledge in other areas of NWO, others are more interested on the community levels.
CC has topics of interest for everyone.
And through my years I've seen, heard and experienced areas of NWO agenda. However, I seek to find the truth, so that others can feel that they are not alone. We all need to bond to make changes. But then again, you wouldn't know anything about support, you are too self-centered.
Got Truth?
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