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Default Re: I tried to do Hand Stands for you!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
It figures.

I post something light-hearted and RedRat and Darth are compelled to spew their vile all over it.
Vile? Let me ask you a philosophical question:

Why should I value Redrat's life more then a squirrel? Do you really believe that in some way Redrat's life is more valuable then a squirrels?
There are billions of humans on earth, yet in contrast, there are far fewer animals. If such an occasion occurred, some apocalyptic scenario as Redrat suggests, why shouldn't I eat Redrat?
It would be much easier to catch Redrat to devour then a squirrel. All I would need to do is shoot one or two of them and fry them up. Hell, I could hit some old priest over the head and throw him in a stew pot.
I contend that the squirrel's life is much more valuable then Redrat's. I contend that not only is the squirrel's life more valuable, but that the squirrel has never in his or her short life ever done me any wrong. Can you say the same for many members of the human race?
In fact, would the world be greatly saddened if a third of the human race ceased to exist? I can think of many animals that would rejoice at the culling of the herd.
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