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Default Re: We need to unite

Party politics is a bad game game. This is how the media will deny a grass roots voice in Nova Scotia. Slander you in the media if you speak too loud. They try and discredit you to lamestream.

Next, if you have the gumption to create a party with enough members, you will not be allowed to any media functions as they are only for lamestream parties.

They character assasinate at a local level. It's politics - the oldest religion in the world - controlling people through fear.

And if you break that barrier, you will be amalgamated into party politique a la corruptionne.

These are hell's angels. They are mafia. They wear suits and ties and they they are doctors and lawyers and land developers.

This is organized crime we are dealing with folks... do not be fooled. They import drugs, distribute drugs, they launder money, steal from the public coofers and deposit in the Bank of Lichenstein and the Swiss Bank and the Bank of Naru.

We are dealing with orgainzed crime who are running the show around my parts. And the average Nova Scotian person is nice. The media is not so nice and will propagate lie after lie. They are instilling racial hatred and sexual misconduct to our youth as we speak. Watch "Family guy" or Southpark lately? FILTH and SMUT in a cartoon for "adults" or kids?

I like public demonstrations. Especially against the media. I often sing politically incorrect songs outside our only mainstream newspaper propaganda printing press. It's on a road with loads of bars and lots of people stop to talk. I think was has them curious is I don't accept cash. I just want to be heard.

Public demonstartions or public organization is what they downplay, because it scares them.... There are sooooooooooooooooo many of us. They raise the awareness of many more of the public. Even thogh we know the powers that be will ignore us and hopefully not percieve us as the real threat we are - enlightening the public to question what they "know".

Picturs on posters is most effective - a man carrying a broken child in a war torn country. In advertising the key is - keep it simple stupid. Less is more.

Democracy MIA (missing in action) Anything... just the ugly truth. The truth of Western society is becoming quite an ugly situation that warrants discussion. I had a chat with my dentist about it today. Pass the message... questioning is good!

This is an easy concept to plant in the sheeple just walking down the street wearing a t-shirt. a million littles fleas going right to the heart of the matter - the truth! Put the URL on the money

My two cents
Mary XXX
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