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Default Cheech and Chong - Nice Dreams

I was thinking in the bath the other day.........

When I was about 17,18 or 19 I got into watching Cheech and Chong films. Very juvenile humour, fitted into the hippiesque 'rebellious' lifestyle I wanted to portray that I lead.

I was thinking in particular about the Cheech and Chong film 'Nice Dreams'. In summary, a story of a chemist that had genetically modified a strain of hemp which eventually turned Stacey Keach into a lizard by messing with his DNA.........

I got to thinking - what with the genetic modification of the hemp plant to produce THC concentration of upward of 30% (as opposed to the 60's and 70's where plants had in the order of 0.5%) it would be a great way to control the 'rebellious' classes. To make them think that they were the first 'teenagers' to be so subversive, it would also open them up to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and also be a good way of making sure the weaker individuals (those susceptible to mental illlness) did not get through the selection process.

I mean, with many hushed reports that studies the users of the new strains of GM cannabinoids show an extraorinary incidence of mental illness, it would be a great way to winkle out the weaker minded elements within society.

I'm wondering what chimeras have been produced with the poppy, or the South American coca plant.....

In an area where world trade and standards are not even governed by any of the supposedly illuminati controlled food and drug administrations, you could quite literally get away with murder.....

Albeit on a genetic level.

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