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Default Re: Conspiracy of socialist ( theftist ) education

R loony::roll:
Also if a person is embarrassed and ashamed about the time they spent at university
.o.k So have you burned that socialist degree yet? Thats what i want to know!.

Ozziesinner, you should not even be allowed
to attend university because everyone can
see by your spelling and content that
you are at about the grade six education level.
Your spelling is terrible. I know your type,
you are being allowed to attend because
they need to fill up seats. They give
uneducated and unqualified people
like you a student loan because you
won't save up your own money to attend.Quote)

English is terrible!. Okay Grad one grammer.You should know by now with your supposed excellence in grammer that you do not write posts of critcism in the form of a stanza, as you have done here.The sentences have no rhythem and rime, neither do they confrom to Poetic style or analytical essay format. Your spiel rant crap has neither qualities therefore why do you post in such style.It is definately very bad Grammar nor does it make any sense except of Ranting status!.It appears you do indeed need to go back to school!.

And hey idiot most tertiary students in AU whom are local Australians are on student loans its called HECS(Higher Education Contribution scheme).Every australian thats a tertiary student knows that and the majority of them take their entitlements no questions asked right or leftwing in political inclination!.

Also you are a "LaRouchie". Now I heard
You can think whatever you like about la rouche!.
Actually i heard that most Market libertarians like yourself are multisexual jews the flipside of Marxists because they believe in completely legal and unregulated social morality!Hardly very christian. So a question for you, if Libertarians get into power will Porn kings pins like Larry Flint and peaderist pornograhers get the green light to supply as much demand for their product as the Profit margin will allow.

Remeber you agree with absolutely no government regulation of business in any industry.So that means you must give it the Green Light. What a compromise for a christian as yourself to have to make to meet your Market liberal beliefs in the unhindered Free hand or is it the fiddle hand of genitials!.Ofcause I have always known that most americans christians are child fiddlers it appears to be a national pass time!.

I cant understand how you could claim to be christian yet hate the poor and welfare recipients, those whom are workers but have simply fallen on hardtimes. I think you need to spend more time reading your bible especially the NT in relation to what jesus said about the poor instead of fiddling with difference margins on selling price and acquisition price while ripping off some unsuspecting goyim!. Usury is evil once again read your bible yid :-?

P.s Ozziesinner, iam sinner and I suppose your Not Right! Such love for the weak and poor just like your mate Get rEAL, ahahha. :lol:
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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