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Default Re: Satan's Demons Attacked Me Last Night!

All of what has happened to you would be gone if you repent of any sins, generational or
otherwise that has let these demons into your life. Ask Yeshua Ha Moshiach into your
life and try to live like the aspostles of old. There is NO power in the name of "jesus" it
is another name for Ba al. So is Lord and God, they are just made up pagan names of the
Master. Yehshua Ha Moshiach is his real name. Search into the Hebrew english bible by
David Stern and you will find truth. After you repent and feel honestly in your heart he
is your Moshiach (messiah) then fast for 3 days, praying and reading and asking for Yeshua's help in all things. Then go into the bedroom and start praying and asking for the
blood of Yeshua to be in that room, you also can annoint the room with Olive Oil and
bless all the places where this dirty evil thing has been. Then ask Yeshua to do the
blessing and the casting out of these horrible demons. You should see some remarkable
cleansing. Once you receive Yeshua into your life, THE ALMIGHTY YESHUA will be in
your life and you don't want control as HE will be in control. If there are Messianic
believers in your area they can help you too. There is power in numbers. Be safe and
remember that these things are NOTHING to MESS around with. Let Yeshua be your
guide. 1949
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