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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

Originally Posted by rushdoony View Post
I kid you not.

If you go up in a helicopter in New York and hover for 4 hours and then come back down to earth you should be in Los Angeles, not New York ( if the Earth were really moving ).
Gravity does not account for the copter still being in New York, it would only account for the copter not falling out of the sky back to Earth.

If Copernicanism can be proven wrong, that the universe is geocentric or geostatic and not heliocentric then
Darwinism will fall, then Marxism will fall and then Freudism will fall. All Satans lies will fall like dominoes one afer the other.

Geostatic means the sun and stars go around the Earth each day and folks the only way this could be true is if: The universe is not one ten-trillionth of the size you've been told by Government. Are NASA workers and most high school and university science teachers not paid by the government? Does government lie to us? This is their biggest lie.

This is a religious war. Do we believe the Cabbalist/Pharisaic/Satanist RELIGION of a big bang and out of control exploding universe with bug-eyed aliens or the Christian RELIGION with Earth and Humans as
Special Creations in God's orderly universe.
The Bible says over 60 times that the sun orbits the Earth.
I don't expect anyone to believe this until they check out:
The Earth Is Not Moving
and Enter Page Title Here

Signed RJ Rushdoony ( real name Bernie )
To commence, I will refute your citations of websites on the grounds that they are HTML 1.0 sites written by nutcases who rant and rave quoting no credible sources. Do not assume because it is on the internet, it is real or even citable as a source without losing respect from people with any tangible concept of academia.

Now I shall explain why the example you provided is flawed. If you take off in a helicopter over any city, you are using the spinning blades of the helicopter to displace air in a downwards vorticical force, providing lift. It is in this air that your helicopter is remaining, it is not in an intangible space or vaccuum. This air, too, moves around the world as the world moves around, as well as having further complexity added to the scenario in the way of air currents.

A physical and immediate example you can use is, thicker stuff than air that moves slower, water (or any liquid), get a cup full of water and find a very small item that floats, say, drop a short hair in it, or a fleck of plastic, just to emulate your helicopter. Now rotate the cup, don't stir it, put the cup on a table, reach down and turn it. The object stays in a static position.

Now the physics of both of these scenarios operate for different reasons but it is a similar example with a similar measurable result.

Now stir that cup of water. Watch the object fall into the centre of it. This is another example of a different theory, but an illustration of gravity. Were our giant cup not being stirred, we would fall off.

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